Admit more patients from your ED and care for more complex patients

Our teleHospitalist service line consists of purely telemedicine and hybrid (in-person and telemedicine) programs for both daytime and nighttime coverage.

Access TeleCare hospitalists manage all aspects of an inpatient’s care and are hospitals’ partners in directing hospital utilization to optimize outcomes and quality.

Manage & Coordinate Patient Care

An Access TeleCare teleHospitalist program provides:

  • 24/7 on demand access to hospitalist care
  • Night shift and/or on-call support for hospitals’ existing hospitalists to ensure 24/7 coverage.
  • Surge and physician coverage, as needed, to fill gaps.
  • Coordination with other one-site and telemedicine specialists for integrated care.

Hospitals can achieve:

  • Enhanced emergency department throughput
  • Decreased number of unnecessary transfers
  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • Reduced length of stay
  • Improved case mix index
  • Increased number of procedures performed locally
  • Increased timeliness of care
  • Reduced care delivery costs
  • Physician availability within minutes 24 hours a day

Why is the use of eICU use growing

There are several reasons that the use of eICU is growing:

  • Physician shortages make it hard to recruit enough intensivists to staff appropriately.
  • An aging population means that there is more demand for services.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to protect providers so that they can avoid exposure and continue to treat patients
  • With high demand and not enough supply, physicians experience burnout trying to make up the gap.
  • The rapid acceleration of the adoption of technology, like mobile phones, means consumers expect more convenience in their healthcare.

eICU coverage can also help hospitals who have critical care physicians on staff, allowing them to offload some of their work and gain visibility into what is happening across the hospital and leverage their own skillset more broadly.

“As community hospitals, we have to reduce the burden of transfers and travel for our patients and their families.”

“As community hospitals, we have to reduce the burden of transfers and travel for our patients and their families.”

Access TeleCare brings specialists to your patients, at your hospital and clinics.

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