Equip your ED to treat patients with psychiatric needs

Our telePsychiatry services help you build a reliable system that appropriately advances patients from the ED for mental health treatment. Patients who present with mental health needs can create challenges for ED teams, but with 24/7 access to experienced telePsychiatrists, ED teams can get those patients the care they need faster.

Telemedicine Advantages for Patients

Improving Access to Behavioral Health Care for Children and Adolescents

Telepsychiatry services offering emergency, outpatient, and consultation-liaison care. Quote from Access TeleCare Chief of Psychiatry John Kenny, M.D.
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Our telePsychiatry services help hospitals build reliable systems that appropriately advance patients from the ED for mental health treatment. With 24/7 access to experienced telePsychiatrists, ED teams can get patients presenting with psychiatric needs the care they need faster.

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Emergency TelePsychiatry

Our emergency telePsychiatry service provides experienced specialists for all psychiatric diagnoses, anywhere in the hospital. The service covers all psychiatry patients presenting in the ED but can be activated anywhere in the hospital.

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Experience & Expertise

With almost 250 telePsychiatry programs active nationwide, Access TeleCare has the experience and expertise to support ED and inpatient teams with whatever they need, and our commitment to a seamless integration with on-site staff means you can quickly begin to provide better care for patients with psychiatric needs. As a physician-founded, physician-led organization, we work with hospital teams to bring clinical excellence to patients through telemedicine. That means customizing each telePsychiatry program based on each hospital’s needs.