From admission to discharge, Access TeleCare Advanced Practice Providers are full partners in delivering excellent care to patients.

By deploying highly qualified APPs as part of its telemedicine programs, Access TeleCare more efficiently scales its programs to meet care demands for clinical and hospital partners. As full partners with physicians, APPs are integral to delivering timely patient care through telemedicine.

“Our APPs allow us to increase the breadth and scope of the care we provide,” said Access TeleCare’s chief medical officer, Pritam Ghosh, M.D. “APPs and physicians share the same care goals and deliver excellent care without a distinction between who is providing that care.”

Effective physician-APP relationships are built on a shared mission, open communication, and mutual respect. This dynamic empowers APPs to act as full partners in patient care with physicians and enjoy a healthy balance of autonomy and support.

“Our APPs are an integral part of our telemedicine programs,” said Access TeleCare president/CEO Chris Gallagher, M.D. “We’re able to scale our programs and meet patients’ needs because of our dedicated APPs and their commitment to the mission of Access TeleCare.”

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