Access TeleCare’s neurology advanced practice providers operate as full partners in patient care, working in a supportive environment built around collaboration and advancing knowledge and skills.

One of the hallmarks of Access TeleCare’s teleNeurology programs is the collaborative culture created through physician-APP relationships and a team-like atmosphere. Every neurology APP has the support of their attending physicians and the assurance that they are full partners in the delivery of patient care.

“We’ve seen our collaborative physician-APP relationships provide fantastic professional benefits for our APPs,” said Access TeleCare’s national director of advanced practice providers, Lauren Ingram, MSN, MS, APRN, FNP-C. “Supporting our APPs is vital for the success of our neurology programs, and we provide regular continuing education opportunities for our APPs to advance their knowledge and skills.”

Access TeleCare’s Pioneering Skill Development 

Access TeleCare’s physicians take an active role in developing the skills and capabilities of the APPs working with them and foster a supportive environment for neurology APPs to grow. Twice monthly lecture series and weekly case studies offer continuing education opportunities for all Access TeleCare neurology APPs.

“Our APPs are an integral part of our neurology programs,” said Access TeleCare’s chief of neurology, Dr. Annie Tsui. “We’ve laid the groundwork for our neurology APPs to further their careers through telemedicine, helping us scale our programs while consistently delivering clinical excellence.”

Access TeleCare pioneered rewarding and clinically excellent programs for neurology APPs as the largest and most experienced telemedicine company in the country.

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