In order to harness the full potential of telemedicine, telemedicine providers must offer more than on-demand specialists who simply see patients and leave. That’s why Access TeleCare’s teleNeurology service line is designed as a full continuum of care that integrates seamlessly with hospitals’ resources, culture, and workflows.

“Our workflows are built to mirror a typical, on-site neurological program,” says Access TeleCare’s chief of neurology, Dr. Annie Tsui. “Our services integrate into your hospital’s existing services to make every neurologist more efficient.”

How Access TeleCare Delivers Telemedicine for Virtual Neurology

Because Access TeleCare’s service lines integrate with hospitals’ existing operations, our teleNeurologists can better serve patients with a full continuum of care, including EEG readings. For specialty medicine like neurology, this means on-site medical teams have 24/7 access to neurologists who can see patients quickly and keep patients with complex neurological care needs from being transferred to another facility.

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