Access TeleCare teleNeurologist, Dr. Preethi Durgam, discusses how our telemedicine programs bridge the gap between supply and demand in medicine.

When the pandemic hit, Dr. Durgam’s ability to continue providing care in her routine, in-office setting was significantly impacted. Like specialties across the U.S., she started to explore avenues that would allow her to continue providing care to patients in her practice—and she adapted to a telemedicine platform. She found it was hugely successful and impactful, not only to her practice but also to herself as a provider.

As she continued to explore ways to expand her telemedicine practice, Dr. Durgam reconnected with Dr. Annie Tsui, an old mentor of hers and the chair of neurology at Access Telecare. The two of them had worked hand in hand together during Dr. Durgam’s ’s residency training when Dr. Tsui was the chief resident and Dr. Durgam was a senior resident. They had built and rebuilt programs together then, and now there was another opportunity to help build the future teleNeurology.

The Benefits of Working with Access TeleCare 

Access Telecare’s flexible compensation packages and convenient scheduling allowed Dr. Durgam to continue doing what she does best — providing care to those in need — while also giving her the freedom to explore other avenues of practice.

“Having the security of a company that is big and flushed out is always going to be more confidence producing” she says. “I don’t have to worry about having a good thing going and then being told that ‘oh yeah, we’re shutting down’ or you know, ‘we’ve been acquired’ or whatever it is,” — only what a patient needs.

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