Jill Lee lives with her husband and baby daughter in Caldwell, Texas, about 30 miles from College Station and 100 miles from Houston. She became a patient of Sina Haeri, M.D., when she was pregnant with her first child. A routine pre-natal test at 12 weeks revealed her fetus was at high risk for Turner Syndrome, or Monosomy X.

Jill’s local obstetrician recommended additional services through the support of a maternal-fetal medicine specialist and connected her with Haeri, a telemedicine specialist in the field of maternal-fetal medicine. With his consultative support for her obstetrician and for Jill and her family, the Lee family was able to receive regular, ongoing care without having to travel to an urban tertiary care center for specialty care.

In this video, Jill shares her story of having tele-maternal-fetal medicine support  throughout her pregnancy and the difference it made for her and her family.