Access TeleCare’s teleMaternal-Fetal Medicine specialists work with hospitals, outpatient maternity providers, and imaging centers to support patients with high-risk pregnancies and improve ultrasound interpretation and fetal anomaly detection.

Access TeleCare teleMaternal-Fetal Medicine programs:

  • Increase local deliveries: Through immediate access to board-certified maternal-fetal medicine specialists, Access TeleCare helps hospitals increase the number of local deliveries, reducing preventable transfers by as much as 30 percent. Comprehensive inpatient teleMFM programs include consultations, antepartum rounding, and ultrasound interpretation as part of a collaborative program that offers support for on-site teams and peace of mind for patients.
  • Deliver full outpatient MFM coverage: Access TeleCare offers full outpatient coverage for maternal-fetal care, including consultations, genetic counseling, and ultrasound interpretation.
  • Care for high-risk and complicated pregnancies: Access TeleCare’s comprehensive teleMFM programs deliver specialty care as part of a collaborative approach with local maternity care providers to enhance the level of care our partners can provide. See how our program helped one rural Texas OB/GYN practice care for a high-risk multiples pregnancy from initial prenatal care all the way through to delivery, a pregnancy that would normally have required the patient to travel more than two hours to another MFM specialist for regular prenatal visits.
  • Improve ultrasound interpretation and diagnosis of fetal abnormalities: Access TeleCare’s remote ultrasound interpretation consistently identifies abnormalities in 6 percent of ultrasounds initially deemed “normal.” Our teleMFM program includes interpretation of a variety of fetal imaging and testing, including: fetal growth ultrasounds, biophysical profiles, fetal echocardiograms, and more.

With an Access TeleCare teleMaternal-Fetal Medicine program, our partners have immediate access to world-class MFM specialists in both inpatient and outpatient settings to improve access to high-risk pregnancy care, reduce maternal mortality and morbidity, and improve fetal outcomes.

Discover how an Access TeleCare teleMaternal-Fetal Medicine program can transform the delivery of local specialty care.

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