May is Mental Health Awareness month, an opportunity to highlight the growing need for broader access to mental health care and the important work behavioral health care professionals are doing to meet that need for their communities.

With nearly half of the U.S. population living in areas with a shortage of mental health providers, behavioral health and acute care hospitals and outpatient facilities are embracing telemedicine to overcome clinician shortages and create financially and operationally sustainable behavioral health solutions.

Access TeleCare partners with hospitals, health systems, and clinics to bring behavioral health care experts to patients right where they are, helping providers across the country care for the mental health of their communities and broaden access to high quality and timely behavioral health care. The extent of Access TeleCare’s reach even includes creating completely virtual models of behavioral health care to augment care capacity, enhance patient and provider satisfaction, and deliver positive outcomes.

Watch our CEO discuss why Access TeleCare has invested in full-spectrum teleBehavioral Health programs, placing providers in acute hospital emergency departments, behavioral health units and hospitals, and intensive outpatient programs all through the power of telemedicine.

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Additional Insight

Get more insight into Access TeleCare’s unique approach to telemedicine. From clinical workflows to ensuring coverage through world class physicians, we have hospitals and clinics covered across the country.