Dr. Paulgun Sulur is an active and engaged dad with two adolescent sons and a hospitalist physician who has dedicated his career to patient care. Listen to his family’s story about the positive impact his role as Access TeleCare’s teleHospitalist service line chief has on their family life and what it has taught his children about responsibility.

Transcript: When I’ve been working in the home office environment and my children have been in proximity in the house – they’ve grown to appreciate the type of commitment that’s required. It’s different than if I got in my car and was away the whole day. That’s kind of nebulous to them. They don’t know what’s going into the workday or work night. [Working in the home office,] they’re not able to see me physically, necessarily, because they are not in the vicinity when I’m seeing patients, but they know when I’m on shift. They know when I’m on duty. They know what goes into the type of work and I think it’s been meaningful for them.  I think they’ve learned a lot about responsibility through all this. 

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