For almost two decades, Access TeleCare has driven innovation in telemedicine, leading with clinical excellence, highly reliable technology, and an unwavering focus on delivering the best possible specialty care for our hospital and clinic partners and their patients.

Telehealth Awareness Week is a reminder that telemedicine isn’t simply a temporary solution or a fading trend. Right now, Access TeleCare’s telemedicine programs are delivering specialty care for patients in more than 1,100 hospitals and clinics across the U.S., reimagining the care experience and improving access to specialty care.

“To provide excellent care in the modern health care environment, telemedicine has to play a central role,” Access TeleCare’s president/CEO Chris Gallagher, M.D. explains. “As a telemedicine leader, our focus is on advancing telemedicine forward to continue improving patients’ access to care while creating positive changes for in-person clinicians.”

5 Reasons Telemedicine is the Future of Health Care

  1. Expanding access to care: Telemedicine improves patients’ access to specialty care, even as specialist shortages threaten the availability of care for many areas of the country. With almost half of our hospital and clinic partners located in rural areas, Access TeleCare is bringing specialty care to the places it is needed the most.
  2. Growing patient demand: As the population ages and more patients rely on and expect specialty care in their local communities, telemedicine will be crucial for hospitals and clinics struggling to hire full-time in-person specialists. With 24/7 availability and reliable connectivity, Access TeleCare is helping more and more providers meet evolving patient demand.
  3. Improved technology: Telemedicine technology is constantly improving, and Access TeleCare’s already reliable, secure, and easy-to-use telemedicine platform will only become more accessible for patients and on-site care teams with further technological advancements.
  4. Lower costs: Telemedicine helps providers lower care costs by providing the right care capacity as soon as it’s needed. The reduction of transfers also brings financial benefits for providers, as well as for patients who can receive specialty care in their own communities and avoid extra travel costs.
  5. Improved patient outcomes: By deploying expert specialty providers anywhere in the country within minutes, telemedicine brings quality care to patients quickly, improving outcomes and avoiding costly delays to patient care.

As widespread telemedicine use becomes more common, Access TeleCare remains at the forefront of telemedicine innovation, advancing telemedicine through clinical excellence, technological improvements, collaborative and fully integrated programs, and a patient-centered care philosophy.

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