For many hospitals across the country, access to highly qualified, expert infectious disease specialists who can handle clinically complex cases is next to impossible. But through telemedicine, hospitals of any size can care for patients with even the most complex of conditions and meet their community’s need for infectious disease specialists.

With an Access TeleCare teleInfectious Disease program, hospitals can:

  • Improve quality of care: By adding capacity for hospitals without a local infectious disease expert and delivering clinically excellent care, Access TeleCare fills gaps in coverage where it’s needed most. Added capacity can significantly improve patient outcomes, especially in areas experiencing infectious disease outbreaks.
  • Reduce health care-acquired infections: By instituting up-to-date clinical guidelines and adhering to the latest clinical standards, Access TeleCare’s infectious disease programs reduce health care-acquired infections, keeping more patients healthy, decreasing length of stay, and avoiding unnecessary treatment.
  • Enhance antibiotic stewardship programs: Our infectious disease experts manage antibiotic stewardship programs, keeping hospitals compliant with regulations and adherent to best practices to reduce unnecessary antibiotic use and costs. Our telemedicine antibiotic stewardship program can be implemented in all hospitals. Learn more.
  • Reduce transfers of patients: Timely access to infectious disease experts means your hospital can keep more patients and deliver a higher level of care locally. In-person clinicians can overcome the infectious disease specialist shortage to diagnose, treat, and manage patients with difficult, unusual, or complicated bacterial, fungal, viral and parasitic infections.
  • Reduce length of stay: With round-the-clock availability, Access TeleCare delivers expert care as soon as it’s needed. Timely care means that patients get the care they need sooner so they can get back to their lives without the need for an extended hospital stay. In one case, Access TeleCare’s infectious disease team turned an initial diagnosis of a six-week hospital stay into one that lasted just a few days. Read more.
  • Increase case mix index: Access TeleCare enables hospitals to keep more patients, including patients with clinically complex cases, increasing their case mix index (CMI) and improving the hospital’s overall level of care through timely access to world-class infectious disease experts.

With Access TeleCare, hospitals of any size have immediate access to board -certified infectious disease specialists to diagnose, treat, and consult with on-site staff for even the most complex cases.

Discover how an Access TeleCare teleInfectious Disease program can transform how your hospital delivers specialty care.

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