Dr. John Kenny, Access TeleCare’s chief of psychiatry, discusses the quality of life aspects of a telePsychiatry career. These include schedule flexibility and having the ability to structure a psychiatry career however best suits an individual physician’s personal and professional needs and goals. With an Access TeleCare telemedicine role, “there’s room to accommodate a variety of different needs.”

Transcript: There’s a quality of life piece to doing telemedicine.  Many of the doctors that I know, in the early parts of their careers, worked very long hours. They took a lot of calls. They did a lot of shifts. They spent a lot of their life in the hospital and being able to work online means that wherever you are that you have an internet signal, you can work from.  

There’s a good degree of schedule flexibility in the way we run the company that provides a lot of opportunities for the people to build their life around their jobs.  The degree to which a doctor wants to get involved is really up to them and they can make that fit for that.  We have some people who do this full-time and it’s a wonderful fit, and they say they would never go back to working in a hospital again.  We have other doctors who want some of that in person connection in a hospital. So they work a couple of days a week physically in the hospital or a clinic somewhere, and then they’ll do part-time with us on their days off from the other job or in the nights or on the weekends.  

We have doctors who will drop their kids off at school.  Then they’ll work a shift while their kids are at school.  They pick the kids up from school.  They get them through their homework.  They get them through dinner. And then they’ll jump back on and see some extra patients.  There’s room to accommodate a variety of different needs.

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