March 30 is Doctors’ Day, a day to celebrate and recognize the incredible physicians advancing patient-centered care and vital clinical research at Access TeleCare and around the country.

The hard-working and dedicated physicians at Access TeleCare go above and beyond in delivering excellent telemedicine care, contributing to further advancements and innovations across the health care industry.

From publishing research aimed at improving outcomes for stroke patients to tackling nationwide infectious disease challenges, our telemedicine physicians are at the forefront of research initiatives making a real difference in modern health care. Our physicians also actively search for new ways to care for the communities we serve, advancing programs like the recently announced rural heart care program to evaluate options for improving care for patients with heart failure across the country.

Access TeleCare’s telemedicine specialists, from neurologists and behavioral health specialists to hospitalists and critical care intensivists, are committed to broadening access to specialty care and to taking an active role in the next great advancements in modern health care and medicine.

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Why is Doctors’ Day on March 30?

Doctors’ Day has been celebrated every March 30 since 1933, commemorating the first time a doctor administered ether anesthesia to a patient. Important milestones like this highlight the vital role doctors play in caring for us and driving innovation. Our telemedicine specialists at Access TeleCare exemplify this commitment to innovation and patient-centered care.

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Additional Insight

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