As telemedicine becomes a larger part of the health care environment, it is more important than ever to keep the focus on patients. Without careful attention to the patient experience, the addition of more screens and teleNeurologists into a hospital could quickly devolve into an impersonal exercise that alienates patients and on-site medical teams.

Access TeleCare is clinician-led, with a physician-CEO and service line chiefs who keep patient care at the forefront of every decision that informs the growth and direction of our organization.

The Access TeleCare Difference

Access TeleCare integrates into a hospital’s on-site medical team to ensure the full spectrum of care we offer fits seamlessly into the local environment. As a result, our teleNeurology programs help medical teams and patients feel more connected to their specialists. By centering what we do on patient care, we can normalize specialty care like neurology through telemedicine so that more patients can remain close to home for care, without feeling disconnected from their doctors and medical team.

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Additional Insight

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