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Driving Down the Cost of Specialty Coverage With Telemedicine

2023-08-22T22:40:53+00:00August 22, 2023|

Jason Hallock, M.D., Chief Clinical Innovation Officer On-call and nighttime physician coverage are two of hospitals’ biggest costs. With the staffing needed to run a specialty program 24/7 and to cover emergencies of any kind, hospitals’ physician costs can quickly become unsustainable. [...]

Enhancing Patient Care: Consultation-Liaison TelePsychiatry in Acute Care Settings

2023-08-09T15:34:33+00:00August 10, 2023|

In medically complex situations, providing comprehensive and integrated psychiatric care to patients is paramount. This includes addressing both physical health as well as the complex interplay between mental and physical well-being. Within hospital settings, medical surgical units and intensive care units [...]

Access TeleCare Adds TeleNeurosurgery Consultation to Neurology Service Line

2023-09-01T18:47:25+00:00August 7, 2023|

While neurosurgery may not be on most people’s list of specialties ready-made for telemedicine, Access TeleCare is changing that. TeleNeurology is one of Access TeleCare’s longest-running teleMedicine service lines. Providing more than 7,000 teleNeurology consults each month to care settings across most [...]

How to Manage a Medical Practice for Telemedicine Physicians

2023-11-03T22:01:50+00:00August 7, 2023|

Telemedicine touches many aspects of an in-person medical practice: recruitment, contracts, onboarding, training, off-boarding, malpractice insurance, and administration functions that keep the physicians delivering care. Clinical Quality Monitoring Quality of care is the most important aspect of any medical practice, virtual [...]

Maternal-Fetal Medicine: Peace of Mind From Prenatal Care to Delivery

2023-07-25T22:42:25+00:00August 4, 2023|

Maternal-fetal medicine specialists provide an extra layer of confidence for expecting pregnant people and their families as they navigate the complexity around their pregnancy care. By delivering accurate ultrasound interpretation and 24/7 inpatient coverage from experienced teleMaternal-fetal physicians, our specialists are part [...]

Access TeleCare Infectious Disease Leader Joins Editorial Board of Academic Journal

2023-07-25T16:14:13+00:00July 27, 2023|

Access TeleCare’s chief of infectious disease, Jade Le, M.D. represents the only telemedicine practitioner on the editorial board of Oxford Academic’s Open Forum Infectious Diseases, one of the journals that comprises Oxford University Press’ academic research platform. In her elected position as [...]

Keeping More Post-Thrombolytic Stroke Patients Local With TeleNeurosurgery Consultation

2023-11-07T21:52:10+00:00July 25, 2023|

Although the general risk of a hemorrhagic transformation requiring surgical intervention is low following IV thrombolytics administration in the Acute Ischemic Stroke setting, it can be common facility-based practice to include the “Drip and Ship” or “Give and Go” process of transferring [...]

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