Our tele-Maternal-Fetal Medicine Program


Partnering with hospitals is how Access TeleCare is improving access to world-class specialty care for communities of all sizes across the country. See how we do this and some of the results we’ve accomplished.

Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Access TeleCare maternal-fetal medicine program supports maternity providers to:

  • Reduce unnecessary transfers.
  • Increase number of local deliveries.
  • Improve perinatal and maternal outcomes.

Our inpatient MFM programs have reduced transfers of pregnant women by 30 percent and increased the number of deliveries at the local hospital.

Our outpatient programs keep more than 90 percent of expectant families in their local communities for delivery.

We provide 24/7 inpatient coverage including antepartum rounding and ultrasound interpretation. No other private group or organization in the country offers this unparalleled level of MFM care.

With an Access TeleCare MFM program, hospitals can achieve a Level III Maternal Level of Care designation.

Our MFM teams helps with transitions of care from inpatient to outpatient care settings. We also provide continuity of care through outpatient tele-MFM clinics, which ensures very few patients have to leave their local hospital system for ob/gyn-related care. When taking on interpretation of all ultrasound exams at a community obstetrics practice, our MFM team consistently demonstrated detection of abnormalities in 7-9 percent of scans deemed “normal”.

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Improving Maternal Outcomes

Learn more about our teleMFM programs.


An Access TeleCare Patient Case Study

See how our TeleMFM program aided in the healthy local delivery of quadruplets.


Jill Lee’s Story

See the difference tele-maternal-fetal medicine specialists can make for patients like Jill.

See the Difference for Patients
Like Megan Brown

When Megan Brown and her husband arrived for a routine ultrasound at 20-weeks gestation, her OB/GYN noticed an abnormal mass on the baby’s lungs. Thanks to her OB/GYN’s telemedicine partnership, she and her husband were able to begin regular appointments with a maternal-fetal medicine specialist without the burden of traveling to an urban center. See how the convenience of teleMaternal-Fetal Medicine helped one family get the access they needed to crucial specialty services.

See her story here >
See her story here >

Patients in rural areas like Jill Lee benefit from tele-specialists

Jill Lee lives with her husband and baby daughter in Caldwell, Texas, about 30 miles from College Station and 100 miles from Houston. A routine pre-natal test at 12 weeks revealed her fetus was at high risk for Turner Syndrome, or Monosomy X.

Jill’s local obstetrician recommended additional services through the support of a maternal-fetal medicine specialist With the tele-MFM consultative support for her obstetrician and for Jill and her family, the Lee family was able to receive regular, ongoing care without having to travel to an urban tertiary care center for specialty care.