Rural Hospitals Expanding Telemedicine to Strengthen Reliability as Community Care Centers

2024-01-12T16:54:48-06:00November 6, 2023|

For some small-town hospitals, access to specialists has become a new standard where the community has realized the value of a telemedicine investment. For Piggott Health System, a 25-bed critical access hospital located in rural northeast Arkansas, telemedicine changes what is [...]

Access TeleCare’s TeleHospitalist Program in Action: Sullivan County Community Hospital

2024-01-25T16:00:50-06:00October 6, 2023|

When Sullivan County Community Hospital, a 25-bed critical access hospital in Indiana, added an Access TeleCare teleHospitalist service line, its impact was felt well beyond the walls of the hospital. From adding capacity for the hospital and clinics in the area to [...]

Telehealth Awareness Week 2023: Access TeleCare Approaches Two Decades of Telemedicine Innovation and Leadership

2024-01-12T16:37:22-06:00September 17, 2023|

For almost two decades, Access TeleCare has driven innovation in telemedicine, leading with clinical excellence, highly reliable technology, and an unwavering focus on delivering the best possible specialty care for our hospital and clinic partners and their patients. Telehealth Awareness Week [...]

Going Beyond Physician Expertise to Deliver Telemedicine Excellence

2024-01-12T16:57:00-06:00September 15, 2023|

When hospitals look for alternatives to hiring or contracting with staff or full-time physicians because of recruitment and/or retention challenges and expenses, they typically prioritize the expertise of the physicians. They want to make sure the physicians they bring in [...]

Meet Your Community’s Expectations for Local, Specialty Coverage With Telemedicine

2024-01-12T16:57:09-06:00September 12, 2023|

When someone needs specialty care, the expectation is the local hospital will provide it, especially if the particular specialty has been available locally in the past. Patients don’t always understand that not every hospital has every specialty covered and that [...]

Building Hospitals’ ICU Capacity With Telemedicine

2024-01-12T16:57:30-06:00September 1, 2023|

Keeping critically ill patients locally is a priority for every hospital, and Access TeleCare’s telePulmonary and critical care specialists make it possible. Access TeleCare’s hospital partners can depend on world-class physicians who are available 24/7, empowering on-site ICU staff at the bedside [...]

Integrated Workflows to Ensure Telemedicine Success

2024-01-12T16:37:59-06:00August 29, 2023|

One of Access TeleCare’s key differentiators is full integration of its specialists with a partner hospital’s on-site teams, documentation protocols, and other operational processes. Casey Willis, the chief operating officer at National Park Medical Center in Hot Springs, Arkansas describes it [...]

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