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Access TeleCare President/CEO Chris Gallagher, M.D. Honored as Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Distinguished Alumni

2023-10-19T16:43:17+00:00October 19, 2023|

Gallagher was named as the School of Medicine Distinguished Alumni Award recipient for 2022-2023. The award recognizes Dr. Gallagher’s contributions to the field of medicine and the positive impact his work with Access TeleCare has on the larger society. The award also [...]

How Medical School and Rural Health Care Shaped Access TeleCare’s Mission

2023-11-07T21:23:53+00:00March 30, 2023|

President/CEO Chris Gallagher, M.D., shares Access TeleCare’s origins and how it became the nation’s largest acute care specialty telemedicine provider. More than 20 years ago, Access TeleCare President/CEO Chris Gallagher, M.D. saw telemedicine’s revolutionary impact in action in a rural hospital [...]

Telemedicine is the Great Equalizer for Access to High Quality Care

2023-11-03T22:19:44+00:00November 14, 2022|

Telemedicine is about "delivering something most people take for granted...access to high-quality healthcare throughout the country, no matter where you go," writes Dr. Jason Hallock, Access TeleCare's chief clinical innovation officer in a new article for Forbes Business Council. While telemedicine's [...]

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